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Fuerte Dela Concepcion y Del Triunfu

An old Spanish Fort (Cotta) built in 1756 to protect the region from marauding pirates. The fort is only a few meters away from the wharf. The Cotta has been the site of pilgrimage for devotees from all parts of the country.


Bukagan Hill

On top of the hill is a concrete tower with four large bells “christened” by the German casters as St. Peter, St. Marien, St. Joseph and St. Michael. The bells’ chimes can be heard across the Panguil Bay. The hill, some 92 meters above sea level, is located in Barangay Malaubang. On the hill, one can view the whole city and Lanao del Norte.


Pipe Organ

The biggest of its kind in Mindanao. The second largest in the Philippines. It is housed at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral.


Naomi’s Botanical Garden

A 9-hectare area that is home to fruit trees and ornamental plants. It also has a ceramic shop. It is a favourite venue for seminars, family reunions and weddings.