Ozamiz Hymn: Forward Ozamiz Forward 2017-12-06T19:28:29+00:00
Forward Ozamiz Forward

(Lyrics by  Judge A. S. Adlawan)

(Music by J.R. Rubin)



By the shores of the occidental sea

Rose a small town, the gem of Panguil Bay.

Called the gateway to the land of promise

Our great forefathers named it Misamis.



The wooded mountains and the fertile plains

Tilled with patience by hands of industry

Came the progress that led to glorious gains

The port of bounty became Ozamiz City


Forward Ozamiz forward

Move on, fulfill your destiny

Onward Ozamiz onward

Achieve your place in history.


With Our Lady of the Mighty Fortress,

Our Shield from harm and our shield of peace.

Forward Ozamiz Forward

A city of peace and love


The Spanish ships that anchored on the shore

Brought the cross and the faith to rich and poor

Noble leaders stirred by God Almighty

Forever reign peace and prosperity.



Blood of Subanen runs through our veins

Mixed with Oriental and Castillian genes

Special people blessed by God Almighty

Forever proud of our gallant ancestry.

Forward Ozamiz Forward

A City of peace and love

Forward Ozamiz …….

(Chorus, Coda, Chorus, End)